3rd CSUM, Volos

COST TU1305 Session in 3rd Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility

Volos, Greece 26.5.16

COST TU1305 Session participants:

1. Prof. Eftihia Nathanail (Greece) : The linkage among social networks, travel behavior and spatial configuration.

2. Mr. Or Caspi (Israel) Electric bikes usage potential as a substitute for private car usage in Israel.

3. Prof. Itzhak Omer (Israel) : An agent-based pedestrian model considering spatial behavior parameters.

4. Dr. Serna Ainhoa (Spain) : Sustainability analysis on urban mobility based on social media content.

5. Mr. Domokos Esztergár-Kiss (Hungary) : Definition and classification of parameters for daily activity chain optimization.

6. Dr. Gasparovic Slaven (Crotia) : The relation between travel behavior, ICT usage and social networks. The design of a web based survey.