Dr. Jon Kepa Gerrikagoitia

The type of scientific work we are offering

The aim of the research area is to gain a better understanding of travel behaviour and mobility based on digital footprint:

* Inferring travel characteristics from GPS

* Defining time-space consumption patterns

* Identifying type of mobility/transport

The data source is CICtourGUNE´s mobility data asset,  that is being developed since 2010 based on heterogeneous data sampling: smartphone, data logger, apps (city guides tourism, commerce, emotion measurement).  The overall data set comprises about 1500 visitors and 2 million time-space data records. The time-space GPS tracking data is in certain samples and pilots extended  with socio-demographic variables.

The current research work is mainly focuses in analyzing the relationship among tourism resources’ centrality, urban mobility and mental maps


Possible duration of STSM

Ideally 3 to 6 months starting in March. We are open to the convenience of the granted researcher.

The best time to host STSM in this institute

 No constraints, ideally March.