ESOF 2018

ESOF 2018 Euroscience Open Forum

Toulouse, France 9-14 July 2018

COST Session in ESOF 2018 (July 12th):

Big data: uncovering new mobility patterns and redefining planning practices 

Using representations and data that are digital, we can create images about what happens where and when in cities, including mobility patterns that remained unaccounted until now. If properly analysed, big data for mobility can radically improve the socioeconomic and environmental analysis of public and sustainable transport. This session will discuss how big data is affecting mobility in terms of new travel behaviour and transport planning. At the user level, the relations between social networks, social media usage and travel behaviour in EU countries will be discussed. Scientific insight on the social media usage of millennial students in EU countries to understand their impact on social activities and mobility in urban areas will be presented. At the planer level, responses to changes in mobility patterns or unaccounted needs given by the analysis of public transport smart data will be presented. Advances on an integrated accessibility index will be discussed as a way for policy makers to improve current transport planning practices. Yet, big data in transport is not immune from some problems, especially those relating to statistical validity, bias and incorrectly imputed causality. This point will be discussed alongside liability, since Big data is gathered and manipulated by many different stakeholders. The proposed panel discussion therefore aims to provide to the audience a clear understanding on ways in which big data affects travel behaviour and transport planning, while accounting for data quality and pan European standardisation aspects.

Submitted by Mickael PERO - COST

Speakers :
Payal ARORA - Erasmus University RotterdamFederico COSTANTINI - University of UdineFloridea DI CIOMMO - cambiaMO | changing MObility Cooperative Innovative CompanyTatiana KOVACIKOVA - Zilina UniversityMickael PERO - COSTPnina PLAUT - Technion, Israel Institute of TechnologyNikolas THOMOPOULOS - University of Greenwich