Meeting in Brussels   |  Agenda

WG1 : Social networks and travel behaviour analysis

Meeting in Brussels, 26.2.16

COST Association, Av. Louise 149, Brussels

Generali Tower, 15th floor

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10:00    Opening
10.15    Keynote by Prof Harry Timmermans:   
Jinhee Kim, Soora Rasouli & Harry Timmermans: Considerations and Issues in Collecting Social Network Data


11.00    Joao Abreu Silva: Introducing questionnaire and results from pilots
11.40    Discussion: questionnaire and sampling


13.00 Lunch

14.00   Planning comparative study
- ideas and rules for joint paper and data ownership
- technical aspects of survey
- participants, inviting more?, is there need for training coordinators before

15.30 Coffee break

16.00   Running comparative study
- sampling
- action plan, timing and deadlines
- next meeting and steps
- organizing workshop at Mobile Tartu 2016

17.30 end
18.00 Joint dinner with follow up discussion