Mr. Giannis Adamos

The type of scientific work we are offering

At the present moment, we are collecting data from a) an annual household travel survey, b) a survey estimating customers' satisfaction in the public transportation (bus) and c) a comparative survey regarding the evaluation of the level of satisfation of travellers using the railway versus the interurban bus for their trip from Volos to Larisa. All surveys are running in the city of Volos, Greece.

 The scientific work we are offering consists of the study and elaboration of the collected data and the conduction of an extended literature review about the potential impact of social networks and ICT on travellers' behavior. The expected outcome of this work would be the establishment of a framework to be used in surveys assessing the influence of social networks on travel behavior.

Possible duration of STSM

 We propose a short STSM for a senior researcher (up to 10 days), and a long STSM for an ECI (1-2 months).


The best time to host STSM in this institution


From March to June 2015