Prof. Juan de Ona

  The type of scientific work we are offering

At the present moment, there are several studies that are collecting data from the Metropolitan Area of Granada (Spain). These studies are also developing surveys about mobility and customer satisfaction in the public transportation.

The scientific work that we are offering will consist in the study of the available data at the Metropolitan Area of Granada and, based on a literature review about the possible influence of social networks and ICT on public transport users travel behavior, to develop a specific survey for evaluating this influence on the public transport users in the Metropolitan Area of Granada.

This specific design survey could be used to analyze other kind of users (private vehicle users) and other territorial context in the framework of the actual COST action.

 Possible duration of STSM

The length will have a direct influence in the depth of the work performed. We propose a short STSM for a senior researcher (5-10 days) or a long STSM for an ESR (2-3 months).

 The best time to host STSM in this institute

From March to July 2015