Stakeholders workshop

Footprints of Future Mobility  

Stakeholders’ workshop 17.5.16

Continental hotel, Bucharest, Romania



The stakeholder’s workshop, organized by Ms. Lucia Cristea, COST TU1305 MC member and WG4 leader, was a joint event of COST Action TU1305 and Mind-Sets project ( The event brought together experts and stakeholders from the Romanian government, local authorities and Public Transport operators for half a day of open discussions. 

The workshop scope was:

•  Connect with target groups and stakeholders

•  Validate theories generated by the projects

•  Collect real practice information from the stakeholders that could help the projects’ to adjust their theories

•  Increase the visibility of MINDSETS and COST projects and their expected results

•  Engage and generate a communication between the two projects members

The event took place the day before COST 5TH MC &WGs meeting in Bucharest and was open to COST members.