Task Groups

Task Groups

The 4 WGs discussions on Vienna 1st meeting led to the decision that as the subject is wide and interdisciplinary, we need to create small inter/intra task groups to focus on the relevant issues according to research fields and interest. A web-questionnaire was distributed, asking members to choose their preferred subject for in-depth literature review. With high level of participation we came out with 8 Task-Groups (TGs) and leaders. 

TGs meetings prepared fast. Prof Cools (MC Substitute, Université de Liege) hosted 3 days of meetings  at the end of April (see: http://www.tu1305.eu/content/task-groups-meetings-liege).  Each TG meeting had a full day of discussions prepared and handled by its own leader. Missions were distributed for Budapest meeting in June.

In Budapest we continued the work in the TGs format.  Clear new missions were delivered to be prepared in the coming months (e.g- a systematic interdisciplinary literature review which will be the basis for an edited book and creating a common vocabulary).

Task Group A/G: 

What is a Social network? / Opinion Dynamics in Travel Behavior
TG leader: Dr. Marija Mitrovic - Dankulov / Prof. Silvana Stefani

Task Group B: 

Urban Analysis methods in the context of Social Networks and Travel Behaviour
TG leader: Prof. Isabelle Thomas

Task Group C/D: 

Social Media & Travel behavior / Systematic review of empirical research on Social Networks in Travel Behaviour
TG leader: Dr. Bridgette Wessels / Prof. Pnina Plaut

Task Group E: 

The Role of Big Data in Transport Analysis and Planning
TG leader: Prof. Thomas Ruiz 

Task Group F: 

Travel Behaviour Surveys (comparative 24 EU countries)
TG leader: Prof. Mario Cools

Task Group H: 

Survey of Other Current Projects (COST and EU)
TG leader: Dr. Odette Lewis