WG2 meeting in Geislingen - Agenda

WG2 Meeting

Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences,

Geislingen, Germany

Parkstrasse 4, Room 6.03 (take elevator to 5th floor and walk up the final stairs)

8th-9th March 2016


The aim of the WG2 meeting is to discuss the work group’s aims and the concrete work plan. 


8th March

09.00-09.30   Coffee and welcome

09.30-10.00   Introductions

10.00-12.00   Discussion of mobilities perspectives on social networks (inspiration    from Bridgette Wessel’s work on digital networks)  

12.00                Light lunch

13.00-15.00   Book project update and discussion – WG2’s contribution to the book  

Qualitative investigation of social networks, place and mobility - review     from STSM (Helen Carter)

15.00-15.30   Coffee

15.30-17.00   Updates from WG2 members

- Where do we stand today?

- What are we working on?   

Mapping of interests and our ‘state of the art’ 


19.00                Dinner (details of the restaurant on the day) 


9th March

9.00-10.30         Where next - creating a cohesive plan for WG2

10.30-11.00      Coffee

11.00-12.00      Agreements, division of responsibilities and concrete work plan

                             Organisation of next WG2 meeting 


12.00-14.00      Close and light lunch