Workshop in CASA  |  Progress in Transportation and Urban Analytics

Progress in Transportation and Urban Analytics

Workshop in CASA

Friday November 11th 2016

Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis 

University College London (UCL), Bloomsbury campus

Pearson Building, room G22 LT (North East Entrance)

             (Presentations slides are available for Action's members under User/Forum section on this website)


 09:30 – Welcome coffee

10:00 - 13:00   Transportation

10:00    Dr Ed Manley, UCL CASA - Spatiotemporal Variation in Travel Regularity through Transit User Profiling

10:30    Dr James Haworth, UCL SpaceTimeLab - Using Mobility Tracking App Data to Estimate Cycle Flows

11:00    Dr Chen Zhong, King's College London Geography - Variability in Regularity: Mining Temporal Mobility Patterns in London, Singapore and Beijing

11:30 - Coffee break

12:00  Professor Mike Batty and Richard Milton, UCL CASA - Simulating and Scaling Urban Land Use Transportation Models Using Web-Based Technologies for Very Large Spatial Systems

12:30   Dr. Sarah Wise, UCL CASA - A Simple ABM Framework for Collaborative, Task-Driven, Multimodal Movement

13:00   Lunch

 14:00 - 17:00   Cities 

14:00   Professor Tao Cheng, UCL SpaceTimeLab - Space-Time Analytics for Smart Cities

14:30   Dr Clementine Cottineau, UCL CASA - Scales of Urban Inequality

15:00   Dr Carlos Molinero, UCL CASA - Applications of Percolation Theory to Road Networks for its Hierarchical Classification

15:30 - Coffee break

16:00   Dr Jens Kandt, UCL Geography - Using Big Data to Study Urban and Regional Dynamics in the United Kingdom

16:30   Ollie O’Brien, UCL Geography - London: Visualising the Moving City


17:30 - Drinks reception